Quick and Perfect Homemade Scrub Treatment is Simply Sea Salt and Argan Oil, Here's Why
Steven Chasan Jul 20, 2017

The Moroccan Argan Oil Co has come across something so useful and we just cannot wait to share it with you!


Other than finding the best Argan Oil in Morocco, The Moroccan Argan Oil Co also found the best DIY scrub! Yes all at home, no need to go anywhere to get your skin that FIX it so desperately needs. 


According to Men's Health, 

​"The same salt you eat can help you look and feel younger"


Simple and ready for you to try on a girls night in or even early in the morning as a home remedy before starting your day or during your shower. This is for both males and females must I mention, don't get thrown off because of "girls night in". This article is a guide for your skin to look and feel younger. Who says no to youthfulness? Has anyone found the fountain of youth yet? 

Anyway, won't keep you here long, I know you probably have so many important things to get done, so I'll keep it simple.


OK, here's how to do your own scrub at home: 


1. SEA SALT SCRUB. Why Sea Salt?

According to Men's Health, there are those who swear by sea salt scrubs for its ability to get rid of dead skin gently, removing dullness and making you look and feel younger. 

Sea Salt Argan Oil Scrub

Our bodies are made of water, but not fresh water. Your body is full of salts—just think about how salty you get when you sweat. A salt body scrub works with your body composition.

PS: if you can get your hands on some Dead Sea salt, grab it! Dead Sea salt is viewed as some of the best in the industry, hands down. 

There are many good reasons why sea salt body scrubs have become a popular spa treatment.

Also, salt is a safe exfoliator, for you and the environment as it is already in your body composition, having an allergic reaction practically does not exist. 

For best results to soften your skin, have a steamy shower before scrubbing. It will help open your pores and then you can massage the sea salt scrub into your skin. 
Sea Salt Scrub
According to Men's Health: "The main reason you want to use sea salt is because it contains a lot of minerals and trace elements — such as calcium, magnesium and nutrients — which are really good for your skin," says Gorman. "What minerals it has and how coarse the salt is will depend on where it comes from."
2. ARGAN OIL. Why argan oil?
Use a carrier oil to suspend the salt in a solution. Choose something natural like jojoba oil, almond oil or argan oil. Argan Oil has some great benefits, click the link below for the top 15 benefits of Argan Oil: 
Jojoba Oil Almond Oil Argan Oil
There you go, it's as easy and natural as adding Sea Salt and Natural Oil to make your very own natural scrub that will most definitely show amazing results. Your skin will look and feel younger and softer. Get rid of the dead skin!
As simple as 1, 2. No need for 3 because it's that simple.
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