15 Benefits


Argan Oil

Argan oil comes from the tree bearing fruit named argan, which is common in Morocco. This very rare oil is typically produced by hand and is proven to be very beneficial. Argan oil is a natural antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals at the same time protects the sensitive soft tissues of the body and face. Argan oil is packed of essential nutrients and essentially fatty acids, which include linoleic acid, and has been utilized for many years in the skin care and cosmetic industry.


Night Time Moisutrizer

Argan oil is easily absorbed by the skin and it doesn’t have oily residue when applied, making it a good and effective nighttime moisturizer. After cleansing the skin using your favorite cleanser, dispense one drop of oil into your palm and apply it to your face down to your neck in a circular motion. In dryer weather or winter months, you might require a considerable amount of oil to efficiently fight elements, but ensure to utilize it cautiously. This is safe and gentle to use around eyes. It contains Vitamin A and E that helps minimize fine wrinkles and keep this sensitive part moisturized.


Reduce Signs of Aging

One of the important benefits of argan oil is a significant reduction in the signs of aging frequently seen in your skin. This oil functions through revitalizing cell growth and could assist to fight the damage caused by pollution, stress, sun as well as smoking. It could assist in smoothening wrinkles on your face and body and softening the skin. Research also shows that it can increase skin elasticity and tighten it once used on daily basis.




Reduce Signs of Skin Inflammation and Irritation

This oil contains an anti-inflammatory action and could assist to reduce signs of skin inflammation and irritation and can also give relief from lots of minor skin issues. Scars and blemishes are frequently lessened by daily use of argan oil. It has been used on burn injuries due to its good effects on these types of injuries.


Strengthen Hair

This oil is also rich in Omega 3 and 9, essential unsaturated fatty acids. The Omega 3 nourishes follicle shaft and hair’s root providing strength to the system and at the same time corrects and get rid of split ends. It is also capable of effortlessly moistening and avoiding frizzy, fly away as well as unmanageable hair. Argan oil seeps through your hair base and instantly strengthens the flexibility of follicle.




Lowers Cholesterol

Argan oil which is culinary grade when utilized as an alternative for other less healthy oil in the daily diet could assist to reduce the level of bad cholesterol. The exceptional combination of sterols in Argan oil really blocks the assimilation of bad cholesterol from inside the intestinal tract.





Argan oil contains flavonoids that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that could be utilized to treat internal and external issues. For relief from muscle pain and joint, massage a couple of drips of cold pressed argan oil into the skin over the affected part. People who struggle with POS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, too much weight gain, bladder issues or poor digestion might also benefit to a great extent from the internal anti-inflammatory capabilities of the organic argan oil.





Helps Digestion

Organic argan oil when added to food improved the concentration of pepsin in the human body’s gastric juices, as a result improving digestion. Healthy digestion means lots of energy, less hunger, enhanced weight loss as well as healthy body.




Avoid Stretch Marks

The curative power of organic Argan oil on your skin does not stop with minimizing signs of aging. This oil could also be utilized to avoid stretch marks due to pregnancy, pubescent, mamaries and growth of hips, fast weight gain through strengthening and softening skin.



Treat acne

With lots of oils as well as moisturizers could make skin conditions worsen like acne, this oil really eases afflicted skin as well as promotes healing. Acne is frequently happens due to oily skin. Since this oil is non-greasy, it aids to balance your skin through giving natural moisture. It has anti-oxidants that aid to heal damaged skin cells and minimize inflammation.


Healing and Protection

The antioxidants property in this oil helps irritated, cracked and damaged skin. It helps to avoid skin soreness and dryness, and utilized to speed up the process of healing.





Stretch mark is a problem for a lot of women, but organic Argan oil is the best protection against skin sagging and stretch marks, and puckered skin after giving birth. It improves skin elasticity because of the Vitamin E present in Argan oil. With a few drops of oil rub into the stomach, breast, thighs and bottom during pregnancy will lessen the chance of developing ugly stretch marks.




Hand, Foot and Nail Treatment

This oil contain softening properties that are perfect for dry hands, brittle nails as well as cracked hard skin on your feet. It softens and moisturizes skin, leaving your feet and hands soft and supple and nail healthy and strong. Get a few drops of oil then massage into hands, cuticles and feet prior to sleeping will provide a desirable result.



Lip Moisturizer

Particularly in dry or cold weather, lips could easily become dry, sore and cracked. Oil from argan tree is the best product to make lips keep soft, plump, as well as supple. A drop Argan oil into your dry lips can ease these issues; however make sure to eliminate any excess.




Protects Adjacent to Environmental Damage

Aragan oil is rich in antioxidant that aid to protect hair, nails and skin from damage because of UV rays. It can fade sun spots which results from over exposure to Ultra Violet rays through promoting healthy cells regeneration. 





It keeps your scalp well nourished and healthy. A single drop of this oil will protect against dandruff. It keeps hair roots hydrated, protected, as well as well nourished.

There are lots of benefits of argan oil for skin and hair. However, you can only reap these benefits when you buy organic argan oil from a reliable source. So, choose the best seller as much as possible when buying argan oil.